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black screen


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Get an idea of how good your existing PC hardware is before investing any additional money in that system. Your GPU is already underspec so there's a good shot the rest of your computer is just as dated. Your motherboard and CPU specs may not even be compatible with modern GPUs.


The 2060 is the most cost effective VR card atm hence why I mention it. If you're able to get your hands on a secondhand 1060,70/80 on the cheap, you'll be in pretty good shape for a while. A 1060 will cover most apps at some capacity but if you want to be able to cover almost all apps, aim for a 1070+. A 2060 benches slightly higher than a 1070Ti so it's a really good value at the tradeoff of it being based on Pascal achitecture rather than Turing so I think it's generally a stronger investment than a used 10xx card. 


In any case, don't dump a bunch of money in a more expensive GPU unless you plan to upgrade your other  system componets within the next 12 months.


It may even be advisable to try and find a cheap GTX980 and not invest too much into that computer based off the current components. 

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