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Multi-user environment options for Vive Focus


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We are developing an app which requires to show multiple vive focus videos to a PC. We choosed multi-user option over mirroring as that provides the highest quality input for a PC user. Also PC user has the option to open multiple inputs from different vive focus devices at the same time. 


We had number of stability issues with UNet and then moved to Photon engine. This is more stable but there are situations where it's bit unstable specially when tryinng to work with Vive Focus sleep mode. 


Can you help to suggest any stable solutions to build multi-player apps for Vive Focus ? and also whether there are better ways to share (mirror) multiple Vive focus screens to a PC ?



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Hi  ,


Here are our two cents for sharing.

2Bears Studio inside HTC has developed multi-player version with Arcade Saga and finally decided to use Photon instead of UNet. The latest Vive Sync (share video between PC Vive and Focus) is also developed on Photon.

But since it depends on your game design, software architecture etc., I'm not sure if you can benefit from our experience.



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