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Do you know if I can get disqualified?


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Loved that idea it does look like someone has found a way to bulk vote, 
I can see a lot of work and effort went into the idea and its a shame that someone is being childish. 
I do hope that you still stand a chance of winning 

Im sure Rockjaw will be able to check into it when he is on in a few hours, The competition should of closed now Fingers crossed for you. 

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Of all the entries (including mine) I think that the Meetu controller has the most commerical viability. 


Vive Parties have people sitting or standing around watching and waiting to participate. This controller would let them be in on the game. There is a ton of possibilties. Sports, E-Gameshows, Puzzle Games (Opens up a ton of Don't Talk/Expode type of games), Star Trek VR game coming out could have multiple participants.. 

Also encourage publishers to make games where people switch out who is in the Vive based on gameplay, not just this short experience is over now who's next.. 


Sucks about the rampant cheating but I have faith the modderators and HTC Vive will choose those entries that best represent what the contest was about. God I hope they do more contests!!!! 

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And thank you for liking my work!


Because of what  happened I've seen that a lot of people support me and that really makes me feel better. If everything gets resolved, I'll message each one of you with a big thank you message.

What i have noticed is that the VR Community at the moment is Very supportive or each other. 

Even the competition is not as bitchy and console owners are. 

I know it wont last as the customer base grows and more people get machines it will end up like a lot of Pc games where you hate playing a game or talking on a forum because the way your treated. 

So lets make the most of this time now and enjoy the support and love we all have for VR. 

I got my fingers crossed for you.   I hope it wins

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