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Newbee Here

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:smileyhappy: Hello, Newbee here,

I just ordered my HTC Vive on Thursday and learned it is being shipped by FedEx, Tracking says I will receive it Monday, I guess I will be camping out at my mailbox Sunday night, LOL :manhappy:

I would love sugestions about some VR games and such that are very Atmospher realistic type of software for Vive. Im a big fan of the Myst series and already have their Obduction game and sad to say I have already played and finished it but I did not do it in the VR World, So I will go back and play it again in VR.

I am intrested in one game called Hellblade, Senua's Sacrifice. Any VR games you might sugest would be most welcome. I dont have my headset yet but it is just a few days away until I do. Thanks 

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Came back to add that I picked up Hellblade, Senua's Sacrifice.

Only tried it without VR Headset but it is so freaken realistic. Very weird game but so realistic Going to try it today in VR. I get my Headset today, :smileyhappy: Hurray!

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So glad you are enjoying your Vive and reading your experiences. All of that mailbox camping seems to have paid off. 


If you liked Obduction before, wait until you play it in VR. Since you went through it, you will be able to just enjot the ride without having to figure out the puzzles. I'm a massive fan of Cyan and all of their Myst games as well as Obduction. 


They just announced today a new Kickstarter for a "built for VR" title called Firmament. It looks like it just might be amazing. 


If you have any questions about your Vive or need some cool game recommendations, feel free to ask. 

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I just checked out the Kickstarter for Firmament. That is exactly the type of games I love.

I have to get in on this Kickstarter. Thank you for the heads up on this game.

As far as it comes to my new HTC Vive system, What best describes it for me is WOW,

This went far beyond what I had hoped for. First day I easly forgot where I really was and bumped into a wall, LOL. Thank you for your reply. I too am a big Cyan fan, I have all of the myst series.

Again, Thank you :robothappy:

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Cyan has released an exploratory VR-native game already called Obduction - you can get a taste of what it feels like to be inside of a Cyan world right now without having to wait for Firmament to release ^_^


Obduction is on Viveport subscription - you can potentially download it via our subscription service (depending on if you've activated the service, your current status, ect...). 

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