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Microsoft Edge Browser at the Vive site problem


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I seem to have a problem using Microsoft Edge Browser when I try to log in to the community forums.

I can sign in to Vive's main site but once I click on the tab at the top to go to Viveport, I am automatic signed out and have to sign in again. Then there is another problem with that, If I click on the Community forums tab at the top, It signs me out again and when I get to the community forums I find myself sign out again and when I try to sign back in, My PC browser just freezes up.

I do not have this problem with Internet explorer.

Is there a problem using Microsoft Edge and this site?

Anyway, Thank you for your time.

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I just attempted to replicate what you described with Edge on my PC and I didn't experience any of the issues you described. I remained signed in the entire time, no browser freezing. Do you have any browsers add-ons or something else running in the background?

Also, what version of Edge are you using?

Thank you,

-John C

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 I am using Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0

It seems to open in a new window and I have a add on called Adblocker Plus but I have what they call whilelisted the Vive site so it should not block ads here and allow everything through. Wonder if my security is stopping it, I dont think so but I use Trends Micro and MalwareBytes,

I can continue to the old Internet Explorer but for the life of me, I can not figure this one out.

Most of the time my computer is trouble free. New Home Built Computer about 9 months old. Oh well. :smileysad:

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If there is some kind of Vive Chat like Skype where I could share my screen in real time. I could show you how I  will be logged in Vive port but when I click on lets say community, The page will load up and I will no longer be signed in. Happens every time. Only happens in Mycrofost Edge, Not Internet explorer.

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