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ADB Works Without 6-DOF Faceplate. With Faceplate, can't connect to USB/Wireless


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(Update: Was able to connect via Wireless, still can't charge via the faceplate USB-C though ;( )


I guess the title really says it all. I was getting frustrated thinking I was doing something wrong, downloaded a whole bunch of Android SDKs via Android Studio and https://adb.clockworkmod.com/


But then I was like... Okay, it was definitely working without the faceplate, so I took it off and sure enough, I could connect just fine. 


Also noticed that I couldn't charge it via faceplate on. It's strange because I see the right side light blink each time I connect the faceplate.

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Hi  ,


Here is the clarification flow for your reference.

If you plug in 6Dof faceplate, please use Wi-Fi ADB to connect with PC (for adb, Vysor etc.) for development.

And the charger function should be working when you plug in usb cable.

Do you still encounter the issue or any abnormal symptom?


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