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VIVE Wireless micro stutter and visual artifacts on high end system!


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Lets me just say that I had this problem before and I was able to fix it by upgrading my CPU to an i7 9700k and getting a new motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus z390 ELITE.


Wireless worked without any issues for a months or so until recently where I started getting a very similar lag and micro stutter together with visual artificats . This happened sometime after I installed a new m.2 drive into my system.I tried setting PCIE to gen 3, I have tried all of my pcie slots, I have tried reinstalling video drivers, I have tried reinstalling windows. NOTHING works.

Is the m.2 nvme drive causing this? Can you not run wireless and an m.2 together without suffering a performance hit?


If anyone knows ANYTHING on how to fix this I would be extremely greatful.


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hey, go in to the device manager, and manually update software intel wireless gigabit VR Adaprers, then uncheck power management for pc, and then manually update the software of all system devices you have installed. In bios change pcie speed from auto to pcie 3.0. and prohibition Vive Multimedia Camera. it works perfectly for me. maybe one of those steps is useless, but it helped me that way.

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