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can I connect multi controls with one PC


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I am planning to connect multiplayers with one PC, is that possible? 

More than one controllers , more than one station, more than one player playing the same

game against each other connecting into the same HP Envoy. 


Is that possible using only one HP workstation, or does I need anythint else to make this work?



Appreciate your kind assistant..


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Short answer: no.


Longer answer: no, but there are alternatives. :)


You can get two Vives working in the same playspace, with two PCs. Each PC runs one Vive, two controllers, but you only have two lighthouses/base stations. There isn't a huge advantage to this, except if both players are in the same game... otherwise they'd probably run into each other a lot. ;)


The core issue, I'm told, is that modern GPUs cannot handle more than one 'accessory' display, which is what the Vive HMD is treated as. You could in theory connect more than one Vive HMD in 'extended' mode, but SteamVR only looks for one. So getting anything running would be tricky, without some sort of custom coding.


Hope that helps! If so, click the 'Accept as Solution' button down below. :)

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Hey this is the kind of stuff that I wanted to solve with my Meetu product for the design an accessory contest! Maybe in the future they'll have some multiplayer options but for now, as others have said, you need a second pc to play multiplayer. Lots of people do it on youtube, you can find a video easily :)

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