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Haptic feedback or turn on sound not working in other controller


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My other controller does not have rumble or haptic feedback anymore. The product is still on warranty period, but what is the wait time for repair/replacement device? I have also heard about the arbitary charges, and are not keen on sending the device for repairs. For the same price I could get a new controller.


The controller still works, but it hampers the experience quite a bit in some games. 


The controllers have barely 20h of usage on them, and have rubber protectors. I have not been hammering a nail to a board with them either. 

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7-10 business days for repair is typical.

There are no "arbitrary charges" however. If the device has been damaged in such a way that renders it out of warranty, you will be quoted a charge for the repairs. You can see the details of this in the warranty agreement.

Likely, a cable came loose which should be an easy fix for our service center.

Thank you,

-John C

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