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Worried about shipping length

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I ordered 3 trackers and the trackbelt + straps but it has been stuck in pending fullfillment since friday

i didnt get the 2 day shipping but im a tad bit worried about how long with will take as on thursday ill be leaving for another state and if someone drops off the package im worried it would get wet as theres a high chance of rain on that day


even then im unable to have a friend check on the package

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If it is shipped by FedEx like my Vive Headset was. Once you receive the tracking number, FexEx has the option at it's website to hold the package at it's location for a short while or give different delivery instruction. When I ordered my Headset, I did not pick the 2 day shipping but that is all it took when it was shipped, It just took a few days before my order was filled. Just keep an eye out for the tracking number, even if you are out of town when you receive the tracking number, You can give the shipping company instructions on how to handle it. You should be good.

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Hey , 


As  said, I would definitely have it redirected. Especially for the value and the weather. They will usually hold it for 5 days when they get it. I typically do this with bigger packages that I want to keep safe. You can also do it online instead of calling so it makes it faster. 

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