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[Highlight] If you face button fail to work on new update of SDK 3.0

Tony PH Lin

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[issue description]: 

If you can't see any input from the controllers after upgrade to SDK 3.0.  Or if you can see them in the scene, the pose is detected in the right way, but can't get any info about button presses (no trigger, touchpad, etc...). In the system menus, everything is fine, but inside your Unity app, you can't use any buttons.


[Root cause]:

We have engaged new feature "Auto Key Mapping" from SDK 3.0 and need some revision inside App to make compatible across all Wave devices.

Please visit online document and go from the latest Release Note (or click below link) to see the detail flow (WVR_SetInPutRequest).




  1. WVR_SetInputRequest MUST be invoked after WVR_Init otherwise the app can NOT receive any key events from WAVE SDK 3.0 and later. To see detail.


You can also refer the detail experience sharing from the blog of skarredghost.






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