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[C++] - Unable to find aristo_interface.dll x86 libs?


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Hi all ^_^, 


I've downloaded the ViveHandTracking_0.8.0 sdk but I cannot found any x86 aristo_interface.dll. I only have in "Hand Tracking SDK C\libs\Windows64" the x64 aristo_interface.dll. My application is in x86 and I have to run it in x86...


Is it possible to have an sdk with x86 *.dll? Or any source code to compile what I need? 


Thanks for your reply :-)


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We only support x64 binaries in our SDK release for Windows due to the following reasons:

1. Most VR developement tools supports x64 (Unity, Unreal) and are dropping x86 supports.

2. VR applications usually can benefit from 64 bit advantages.

3. Our QA process can be simplified.


May I know if there is any particular reason that blocks you to upgrade to x86_64?

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Thanks for your answer.


To answer your question, I've "old" tracking system used in my VR application with x86 *.dll and I need to support them. Most of tracking systems still have x86 *.dll and this is why I ask for it.


Nevertheless, I'll try to find another way. Thanks for your support.

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