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Vive Focus (2018) removing Boundary for Room Scale Tracking


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Is it possible to remove the "Our of Boundary" Message inside Apps? Because it seems that tracking is still working fine, but the FOcus still prompts me to reset or to take off/put on the headset for realigniment with the boundary space. I would like to remove it, for a room scale app, beause the boundary box seems to be slightly above 1x1m big.


Semi-related uestions: Can i remove the prompt for resyncing the hand tracker/controller?

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I moved this to the WaveSDK forum which is where Vive Focus discussions are housed.


Per the first question, the Focus generates a 2x2 meter safe space centered around the point the HMD was initialized at (when the HMD's proximity sensor detects a user). You can disable the safe space w/ developer mode activated under Settings -> Headset and Space -> Safety Virtual wall.

on the process.


@Per the second question,  is more familiar with Focus and can speak to if that's possible 

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What I mean, by disabling the Hand Tracker:

When I put on the headset, the headset prompts me to press the HomeButton on the included 3DOF Controller/Pointer so it gets synced(?) with the headset and can be used with the software. But our company has some VR experiences which do not need the pointer. And if somebody takes of the headset and passes it on, we always have to resync the pointer

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To disable controller pairing add this line to your AndroidManifest.xml:

<meta-data android:name="no_controller_pairing" android:value="true" />


Example (make sure it's in the activity & application section with the other meta data):

<meta-data android:name="no_controller_pairing" android:value="true" />

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