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Vive tracker issue


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Hi all,

I've this setup in wich I want to use one single tracker to track the rotation and position in 3d of an object.

I do not have an headset, but after i changed default values for the steam vr seems everything is fine.

I'm using openvr and a software called touchdesigner to get the data.

The tracking seems really good as regard xyz linear position, as regard rotation instead I have tons of issues.

When I'm close to position 0 of every axe i have lots of spikes on other axes...

I m using 2 lighthouse on opposite sides. I tried to calibrate using quick calibrate ...issue still exists..

Can someone help?  Do you need more details of the system?



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@MadMatt Just curious - is your object stationary or constantly moving? We use a stationary tracker to map a real-world object and often have issues with getting precise values for rotation. There have been confirmations from HTC that the Tracker demonstrates inconsistent drift if left stationary. Quick Calibrate will help with orientation relative to the HMD, but most likely not doing anything to Tracker Calibration. Have you run 'sensorcheck' in "lighthouse_console" to see if all your sensors are working?


@VibrantNebula @Dario @chengnay

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