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What specs are you running your Vive off?


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My Spec I7 6700K , 16GB Ram , GTX1080 All Housed in a thermaltake P5 case with lots of flashing lights and stuff. 
I have no idea really if thats any good i just chucked a load of cash at a friend and said build be the best. only stipulation was it had to be Black and Blue to match the room it was all going to be housed in. 
Before the Vive i was never a PC Gamer. But i love Gadgets and i Love HTC i think i have had every Highend phone since the m7 and everything else they bring out. So vive was always going to be on my shopping list.

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Current rig is an X79 4820k clocked at 4.6Ghz Gtx1080 FE. All on air. All apps running ok except project cars whi h I think is memory constrained. 1600Mhz so cpu only 50% gpu 60% and dropping back to 45fps. Could be the FE stock cooler causing thermal throttling as its running close to max temps.

No worries as this is one of 6 PCs i now own going into a VRcde. Rest are i7 6700k or i5 6600k and a bunch of 1080 1070 amd a 1060 to try. The FE 1080 card is coming off and getting an EK waterblock and then into a P3 snow edition case for use in marketing shots. Will post some pics when i get the keys and its all built.

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