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Find Htc vive oem headphones somewhere?


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I bought a used vive without the built in headphones. I'd prefer to find the oem ones or some way of rigging 3.5 ones so they are attached permanently over buying the audio strap. At least I could have sworn they had default ones as I had a new one years ago


Is there a way to get the original ones. Not seeing anything.

If not I guess maybe there is a 3.5mm cheaper headset out there(under $25).


Thanks in advance

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The kit ships with a pair of earbuds. They're a pretty standard pair with the exception that the cable is much shorter than normal to keep you from getting tangeled. I might be able to dig up a pair and ship them to you if I can find one (but only if you're in the US). Really though, the Vive is designed with a standard jack so you can use whichever headphones your prefer or have on hand. 


No advice on modding - I prefer the ergo and UX provided by the official solutions. Weight and momentum exclude many over the ear headphones from gaming applications. 

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Vibrant Nebula is correct, They just come with earbuds but the  Vive store in the accesorys section has a nice setup, head strap with built in headphones. I plan to get myself one but in the mean time, I just purchased some headphones, Earbuds work fine but I prefer headphones.

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The default ear buds are atrocious horrible little things.  The cable is so small that if you move you head too quickly they will actually unplug.  I never used them really.


Before I bought the audio strap I just used my normal wireless hard (Corsair Void Pro).  I also had to use this for the Mic as EVERYONE always commented that they could never hear me when I use the mic built into the headset.


I was reluctant at buying the headstrap at £100 it certainly wasn't value for money, it's worth maybe halve that sadly I never say it on sale and in detest I paid the money and bought one.

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