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How to get Button Input


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Hi! Im trying to get SImple BUtton Input working after migrating from WaveVr to VIU and I'm not sure how to do it.


I tried to use the ControllerManagerSample (based on the script ShowMenuClick) but thats rather complex for simple ButtonInput (e.g. Do something when pressing the Trigger).
ANd WaveVR approach like


 seems not to work. Is there something similiar for VIU or is it jsut the way VIU works?

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By referring to this page,


1. Touchpad > ControllerButton.Pad, ControllerButton.PadTouch

2. App button > ControllerButton.Menu

3. Home button > no corresponding input control

5. Volume buttons > no corresponding input control

6. Trigger > ControllerButton.Trigger

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