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E/VRWatchDog: SUBMIT-TIMEOUT EXCEPTION when doing debug in AndroidStudio


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When I am doing debug in AndroidStudio and pause by a breakpoint, WaveVR will kill my process by its watch dog, the log as below. Is there a way to disable it during debug?



E/svr: NanoSleep: Overslept by 19052.088 ms
E/VRWatchDog: *** Kill process:9659, because app doesn't call submit in time ***
E/SVRMain: >>>Error: svr begin vr finish activity <<<
E/svr: NanoSleep: Overslept by 3853.139 ms
E/VRApp: Failed to submit right eye frame
E/VRApp: Failed to submit right eye frame
E/BufferQueueProducer: [surfaceTexture-13-9659-0] dequeueBuffer: BufferQueue has been abandoned



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