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Input systme doesn't work with the latest WaveVR SDK


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I can't get the input system to work since I've updated to the latest version of the SDK. I tried to create a gameobject and adding the WaveVR_ButtonList, as explained in that article but it changes nothing. Have you any clues to fix that? I've a game almost ready for a release on the store, this is the last issue. I can also share the code with the Vive Focus Team if necessary.


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Hi  ,


Sorry for late reply, thanks for your feedback.

We look into your code, and please check our comment below.

1. Developer should not handle the “left-handed” mode for using WaveVR_Controller.

If developer use only 1 controller, the “controller” would always be “WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right”.

The unique condition of using “WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left” is that developer uses 2 controllers concurrently and needs to get the status of left controller.

No matter 1 or 2 controller(s) condition, developer never needs to check “WaveVR_Controller.IsLeftHanded” before using “WaveVR_Controller.Input”.
Because WaveVR_Controller handles the left-handed mode automatically.


2. Developer uses many buttons in code:

including Trigger / DPad_Up / Menu / Grip / DPad_Left / DPad_Right and System.

So developer needs to specify these keys in WaveVRButton (drag from Assets/WaveVR/Prefabs) as below:

And I see that “System” key is specified but it is not allowed.

If developer wants a key mapping to “Thumbstick”, just specify “Thumbstick” in WaveVRButtons like:

Please have a try, and provide android logcat (must enable DEBUG level in AP) if buttons are still not workable.


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