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Done with HTC and my vive!


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Had nothing but problems with htc since buying my vive.
Its really early tech and they should be doing the best to encourage people to spread the word about this tech.
So sadly my word is terrible product and terrible customer service.
My first problem was, when one of my charge plug's died after around 2 charges.
It got replaced and they did cover delivery cost (which to me they should do anyway) This took 3 weeks.
Then one of my controller's went strange, the trigger when pulled became squeaky and occasionally unresponsive.
So back to htc they went.
My controller turned up nearly 3 weeks after, the squeak had gone but now the controller had serious tracking issues which effected nearly every game played due to needing to be precise.
How can a controller go out for repair and come back in a worse state?
So then i had to send both controllers back as i can't be 100% which one has the tracking issue, its hard to tell but i was 90% sure which one it was.
I didn't want to be in a situation where I would need to send another back for repair and be without for another 3 weeks.
When i speak to the UK team, they are very unhelpful and very abrupt. Makes me kinda feel like its all my fault.
With attitudes like "Our repair process is 4 working days excluding shipping time estimates, you are always free to hire your own courier Craig".
Also been accused of lying 24/10 15:05>>"on this instant I'm sure they didn't, I have the chat transcript here with M***** and you were advised with three weeks repair estimate"
When on Friday 21/10 M***** said "takes more time because of transportation, but the time of repair itself is 4 days"

I was told on Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:05:23 EDT "The warranty grant you two repair attempts and if the issue persist we shall replace the unit for you"
But this is my 3rd repair?

Viveport has also been nothing but a nightmare for me, it blue screens my PC on every attempt of playing a game and some games are even in Chinese which there was no warning about on the storefront.
Downloads very slow.

My vive was bought on 14/07 and out of them 3 1/2 months around 1 1/2 months I haven't been able to use it.
So to anybody thinking of purchasing one, be warned as this happens regularly and reddit is full of horror stories like mine.
Its early tech, i'd say some what a Dev unit like the DK2 you'd expect premium customer service for a premium product.
Sadly this is not the case.
I'd recommend holding out for version 2 as hopefully everything including the customer service will hopefully be fixed!


 if you could forward my complaint on to someone senior i'd appreciate it.

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Craig / , I'll definitely pass your details and complaints on to others. I'm really sorry you had a poor experience.


I know we spoke on Twitter quite a bit, and I'm going to get our senior CS team to look at your interactions via chat. If the controllers are still undergoing repair, I'll see what can be done to expedite things.


On the Viveport side, we've had 'blue screen' issues, many of which were related to anti-virus software. We have updated the client a few times so you might want to make sure you're using the most recent version (of course, assuming you have the Vive working...), and also potentially disable anti-virus software temporarily when using the Vive. The downloads issue is being looked at, and is improving (anecdotally).


Regardless, when anyone has a bad customer experience it's on us. We have definite room to improve. If you need any further help, reach out to me directly.

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Wow, over a year and nothing changed with HTC customer service is the same.


Got my vive and my lighthouse broke 3 days later. The customer rep was very positive, made it sound like they would fix it in a jiffy. It has been over 15 days since I sent the parts. Not a peep. The various customer reps I have been talking to have all promised earth and heavens, but the HTC repair department seems to be independent of the HTC customer service.

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