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Two controllers and one tracker in hand


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I am using my own scene,I used ViveRig in the hierarchy. In "Manage trackers", I have set the tracker to "Right Shoulder". I hve even tried setting it to "Vive held in Hand"(I can send the screenshot after 10 hours) I have left and right vive controllers with hand role left and right respectively.

Can you tell me  what should I set the tracker to inorder to get its input (like trigger, etc). 

No matter what I do. I am not able to gets its input unless I disconnect the controllers, but I cant do that!

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 When you can't get any input when both controllers are on, please try below methods.

1. Stop your app

2. Open Manage Trackers

3. Change your tracker role to others(except Held in Hand and Disabled)

4. Play your app again

On my side, I can get input after changing role for the tracker.

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I use VIU's example scene(ColliderEvent) to test.

As you can see that I have two controllers and one tracker in scene view.

You need to add your own tracker component in ViveColliders and ViveCurvePointers to allow your tracker to work.

You can also refer to this link to use Debug view to see whether your tracker is being pressed or touched.

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