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Judder on Vive Focus even while rendering at 75fps


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I'm porting a game from the Oculus Go and I'm finding it very hard to get a smooth experience on the Focus.  The game is rendering at consistent 75fps, yet I still frequently see judder.  I'm sure this is judder that would be well handled by ATW, but unfortunately this is a racing game so you see the judder as a jerky movement along the track, which is very noticable.


If I reduce the size of the eye render textures enough then the judder is eliminated. However, I had to disable MSAA just to get the framerate up to 75, so reducing the eye buffer resolution looks pretty bad. 


I've had to do quite of stripping from the Go version in general just to get to 75fps. 


The strange thing is that even at 75 fps, I'm still getting very noticable judder.


What am I missing?


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I have the same problem - making a racing game for the Focus, constant 75fps, but it doesn't matter if I test some of the heavier scenes or the lighter ones where performance could be way above 75fps, I still notice some random judder every now and then.

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