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Curious about HTC Vive len

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I would like to understand why Fresnel lenses are used in Vive Headsets.

What was the reason for deciding to use Fresnel Lens in the production of the Vive.

I have a little bit of understanding when it comes to lens because of my background in what is called Lythography and my knowlege of making Holigrams with laser way back in the day before VR was around.

I am just curious about what was the thought that when into this and why Fresnel.

Any Feedback would be most welcome. Thanks

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There's a few reasons actually. The least of which is weight, fresnel lenses weight less, thus allowing there to be a lighter headset. More importantly though, they eliminate chromatic aberration, which is the tendency in normal lenses to disort light towards a single point in the lens. It also has a larger "sweet spot" with a clearer FOV compared to traditional lenses.

Hopefully that makes some sense to you and helps answer your questions, at least in part.

Thank you,
-Jack S

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, two other important factors are pupil swim and stereo overlap.


Pupil swim is one of the primary things you're trying to eliminate by switching over to a hybrid fresnel - it makes a huge impact on human UX. Vive has greater stereo overlap than most HMD's currently available which is critical in some use cases such as simulation training. 

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Thank you very much. I understand some of what you have explained, I will look up the rest as to understand better. I am always curious as to how something works and I was really curious about the Vive lens and figured there was a really good reason. The creators of the Vive really did their homework in their design of the Vive. I am so happy when the time came to purchase a VR Headset that my choice was HTC Vive.

Thank you both for your time.

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Fresnel lenses are trash. I Replaced mine will never go back to Fresnel lenses. I was completely blown away with the crystal clear clarity. No more god rays or light scatter completely removes screen door effect.  Much better sense of motion in racing games.


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