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Packaging of plugins is a little confused


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We have a Vive Pro Eye and I'm finding that the bits it uses don't play well with the SRWorks SDK. I'm seeing several "Multiple plugins with the same name" errors. For example:


We use Package Manager to bring in OpenVR, but SRWorks has its own copy. If I remove the package, nothing draws, but if I remove the plugin contained within SRWorks, it won't link.


SRanipal has its own version of srworks_log which collides with the version in SRWorks. 


Not really your problem, but the flfw3 you bring in collides with the one Magic Leap uses...


I know this is all something of a preview, but it would be nice if it played well with the SRanipal and OpenVR's move to the PackageManager.

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SRWorks+SRanipal could work under Unity 2018.1.0f2 with the following steps

1. import SRWorks Unity package.

2 import StreamVR v1.2.3 package and SRWorks Experience if desired.

3. import SRanipal package. (cancel replacing SRWorks_log.DLL)

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