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Vive Pro Eye WebVR & Questions

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Hey all,


Our team just ordered the Vive Pro Eye and are looking to get the data onto AWS. We were wondering a few things.

  1. Does AWS Sumerian support the Vive Pro Eye? I know it supports the Vive Pro, but is the Vive Pro Eye essentially the same underlying software that still works?
  2. Since AWS Sumerian doesn't support accessing the head-tracking/eye-tracking data, would it be possible to simultaneously run a separate, simple application that streams the head-tracking/eye-tracking data to AWS?
    1. That is, AWS Sumerian/WebVR would run the visual simulation through the browser, while the other application would simultaneously read the head-tracking/eye-tracking data and stream it to AWS.
  3. As a follow up to 2) could such a simple application be run on a processor like the Raspberry Pi, while the visual processing was handled on the computer? Alternatively, could it be run as a browser extension on the client's computer?

The reason I'm asking these questions is that we want to avoid installing as much software as possible. I know that the guaranteed alternative would be to set up a Unity application that does all of the following, but being able to run everything through a browser would be fantastic.


Thanks for the info!

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1. Please check with Amazon about Sumerian support for Vive Pro Eye. Vive Pro and Vive Pro Eye share similar HMD specs but for eye tracking support there are different requirements and a runtime to handle the eye tracking data.


2. Eye tracking requires the SR_Runtime application which transmits the eye data to the VR application which has integrated the SDK. There is no WebVR/Sumerian support that I'm aware of.


3. The eye tracking runtime requires Windows 8.1 or later (64 bit) and will not run on a Raspberry Pi or browser extension.



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