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Mutichannel speakers


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3D sound effects are quite interesting and useful for not only game but other entertainment applications. I am so appreciated that Vive 3DSP provided native C library for developers who work on system-level applications. It seems that, unfortunately, Vive 3DSP can only support stereo output, which cannot fulfill the requirements of some entertainments like a home theater with multi-channel speakers. Is it going to release this constraint?



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Hi Swarovski,


Thank you for your interest in VIVE 3DSP.

For best immersive audio experience, the VIVE 3DSP would only support headphone now. Therefore it supports only stereo output. If the multi-speakers scenario, such as home theater is desired, every specific speaker could be considered as one audio source, which its position is known. While a video with multi channel audio is played, the audio stream of each channel could be played by each specific speaker.
This could be built in your native audio system, or in the content development tool, such as Unity or Unreal.


Hope it is useful for you.


Best regards,
Prof. 3D Sound

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