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HTC VR questions - help VERY appreciated

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Tired of Oculus issues (including my new Rift S), and think that the extra money spent with the HTC platform would probably be worth it.    I am thinking of waiting a bit and getting the upcoming COSMOS, so how easy would it be to play my Oculus store game with the Cosmos?  Also, the HTC controllers don't seem to be as nice as other controllers.  Would I be able to buy those nifty Valve Index controllers to use with the COSMOS? 


Anything else you guys couls tell me as someone defecting from Oculus and coming to HTC would be appreciated.  Thanks!  :)

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Perhaps I'll stick with Oculus, as the Oculus community is so much more alive that this HTC forum. This is the 2nd time in 1 year that I've asked a question on this forum and received ZERO responses.

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, Sorry I missed your post on Friday, most of what happens on this forum happens in closed developer groups that aren't visible to the public. We'll be relaunching the forums soon and abandoning the current forum platform for something that we think will be a far better solution and will be a better place to foster community. Where's your "second" post from the last year? I only see your post from Friday and today.


Cosmos is a SteamVR headset but is not a SteamVR tracked headset which means the following:

  • Any Oculus store app that strictly uses the Oculus native SDK will not work with Cosmos
  • Oculus store apps specifically forbid developers from publishing builds which contain Plugins\openvr_api.dll  which is the required pipeline to support a SteamVR session ergo Oculus store builds are not compatible with OpenVR/SteamVR in the classic sense.
    • The Oculus SDK can drive SteamVR nativley but it's complex. That said, the current integration they're implemnting targets Vive/Vive Pro and not Cosmos which would likely need an update from them to work with the new hardware.
  • As it's not using base-station tracking, you wouldn't be able to use knuckles with Cosmos without getting into modding.
    • Take a look at how WMR users hybridize SteamVR tracking to work with WMR for an idea of what that entails 

Realistically, if you're on the fence about Oculus it may be wise to buy SteamVR enabled content so you can switch between Oculus and other SteamVR HMD's (Vive, Vive Pro, Cosmos, Valve Index, Pimax, ect...). The primary draw to buying stuff on the Oculus store right now is cross-by the the Quest, if that's not important to you, I would consider purchasing SteamVR builds so you're not locked into Oculus hardware in case you decide to switch later down the road. 

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