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Vive Pro dual cameras not aligned


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Headsets frontal cameras are not aligned to each other. Other camera is upper than other and seperationg is wrong.


This leads that i don't get stereoscopic view of my room as i should. I can't find any settings which i could tweak to render cameras at right position in my headset.

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The same problem here.

The dual cameras seem to be misaligned exactly in the same way as described by JeQ. One picture is clearly upper und a bit sideway displaced.

I this way the picture is not usable as roomview.


I tried this Topic already on steam. with no solution or even a hint to look for.

A stereoscopic roomview would really be great if working.


Please let me know, if anyone has a helping Information on this.

Thank you


@Synthesis @VibrantNebula

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I also  have this problem. I sent my headset to HTC last week for warranty repair. I got it back today, and it seems they may have done nothing to it but reflash the bios. Havent had a chance to check it at home yet, but I think it's unlikely that a software update can fix it. Ive watched some teardown videos for these headsets and it seems like thos cameras are just push fitted into a metal housing, so if they aren't in there perfectly then there is no tweak the alignment. And if HTC have no way of measuring the alignment then they can't determine if there is a fault.

So I guess this is the end of HTC purchases for me. Can't trust the build quality or engineering integrity.

If by some miracle the software update fixed it then I will update this thread.

In the meantime, there is another thread in this forum with the same issue,


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