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Calibration mismatch with reality


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We have been finding that there is a calibration mismatch between the pass through video location of controllers and the real world location of the controllers. If you simply look in real world where tour hands and controllers are and then compare that to what the Vive Pro shows you will see this.


Is this something that can be patch fixed by applying a transform in engine or does it need some rework to the SDK to compensate accordingly?


Similarly it has been picked up on the hand tracking forum too:


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Simply use the example experience files provided for Unity or Unreal. Show mixed reality and you'll see the mis-match.


I did a simple Unreal test based on the files provided. Added motion controllers to the provided Pawn and again you'll see the mis match.


Also if you just compare the pass through view from inside the headset against what you see from pulling the headset off, you'll see that reality doesn't match the projection in the headset.

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1. Have you tried the pre-built Unity Experience exectuble having same issue?

2. Does the depth function works OK in Experience?

3. Have you re-room setup again having same issue?

4. Are you able to capture and show the image with this mis-match here?


Thank you.

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The prebuilt experience app has the same issue. I think the issue arises from the difference between your IPD and the spacing of the front facing cameras. There needs to be some transform applied to the camera feeds to better match the headset IPD

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