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Walls of Room Effect

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Hi, I just download Vive plugin and tried to use it , I have a question about Room Effect, when I add Vive 3DSP Audio Room to a room component and adjust the Room Reverb Preset item to "User Define", how can I know which wall of the room in scene is correspond to the Front Wall in Inspector, and so does Right wall, Left wall and back wall?


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Hi NishikawaToshiku,


Great question!


If you tune the rotation of your room into (0, 0, 0), the wall in the direction from center along the positive Z axis, is the front wall. The back wall is in the direction from center along the negative Z axis. So as the left and right wall, which are in the directions of negative and positive X axis.


Hope this solves your question. Looking forward to hear your thoughts after you tried our user defined material!





Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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