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Syntosyes our current game in development


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Currently we have started work on our upcoming game, it is based around a FPS using motion controls.

We have the handguns fully modelled and animated but still have alot to do including level design and other guns (there is one shown which is currently being modelled)

The AI in the video is basic and just for testing only.

Any suggestions of features let us know!


Featuring :

- Guns Guns and Guns
- Unique Enemies with intelligent AI
- Story driven
- 8 Maps
- Teleportation AND normal movement
- Cinematic sections


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I still need to figure out alot of stuff with making unreal engine work with vr.

But at the current standpoint i am at its more trying to exactly figure out how UE works as ive only started ever using it less than a month ago.
But this looks like it is really good so far!

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Hey , congrats on getting this far in development. I added the 'developer' role to your account so you can see our dev forums. (Due to a bug we're fixing, please make sure you login at community.viveport.com, not developer.viveport.com, with your account to maintain developer status. :) )

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Is the Train just one map or will it be board the train when it reaches the station you exit fight the Aliens once that level is complete you can board the train to the next Station and do it all over again. 
While your on the train you can upgrade your weapons and rest before the next fight.
Its looking good i love shooters just please dont add zombies far to many Zombie Games. 

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Thread update with current progress.

This will be the openeing level, this will be a mixture of stealth and combat. VERY VERY early stages at the moment though! but works nicely.




In reply, The train part will be small and be from the front of the train to the back.

No zombies don't worry :)

There will be aliens further on in the game as the story evolves.

I have coded this straight for VR but if there was enough request it could be changed to a standard game but scaling would be the big issue.


The train video maybe a little missleading, whilst the idea of a kind of waved based system where the train stops etc.. is not bad i think thats the way alot of game will go so would like to make this a traditional map based game.



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