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Eye tracking Calibration Issue

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Hi folks,

I am having trouble running the eye calibration on the HTC Vive Pro eye. I am running SR_runtime version and Eye Camera Version 1.88.0-8106667.

Wheniver I try calibration I get to the Loading Screen and after a short while it prompts "Initialization failed".

The Icon is constantly telling me I am in Idle mode with orange eyes.

Any suggestion on how to deal with that issue??


Thanks in advance,


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I'm also facing the same issue, with the same runtime and Eye Camera versions. For me, however, the robot icon shows green eyes, which should mean eye tracking is running, but the icon disappears (I imagine the SR runtime crashed?) after some time and then I get "Initialization Failed". 

I've tried the workarounds, but am still not able to get this to work. Would really appreciate if anyone can help resolve this! 


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