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The latest version VIVE 3DSP SDK for Unreal plugin


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I am a designer using Vive3DSP unreal plugin for development currently.

I find that Vive3DSP unreal plugin only supported the 0.9.3 version of the SDK.

I want to know when will Vive3DSP unreal plugin support the latest version(v1.0.1) of the SDK?


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Hi Catherine,


@Catherine_, it is glad to hear from you.

The upcoming VIVE 3DSP Unreal SDK is working on by our Unreal expert.

It would be made better and better, until the functionality and usability are achieved our standard.

You could build your unity prototype first, with VIVE 3DSP Unity SDK.

Until the VIVE 3DSP Unreal SDK is released, it would be announced on this forum.

Then you could build your masterpiece in Unreal.





Best regards,

Prof. 3D Sound

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  • 7 months later...

Hi @Catherine_,

The latest VIVE 3DSP SDK has been released.

The VIVE 3DSP Unreal SDK based on 3DSP native library 1.0.0 is also included.

You can download from the following link:


Please try it and feedback if there is any suggestions.

Thank you.



Prof. 3DSound



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