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Vive Wireless performances issues


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Hi. I recently purchased a Vive Wireless adapter and I'm experiencing performances issues with some (most) games that are not even playable anymore. Have no problems with the wired connection.

Here my PC configuration (but doubt it's the bottleneck): Asus Maximus X Hero motherboard (Z370), i7-8700k (stock 4.3ghz, 6c/12t), 32GB DDR4-3000Mhz, Asus Strix GTX 1080ti and SSD Samsung 970 Evo 1To.


Problems include blurry image (like too much compressed video) and stutter / blocky image.

I take theses screenshots, in case some magic technician can figure it out :-)


Also recently noticed, If I disable async reprojection, the image gets better but still have the stutter/blocky thing in most demanding games. For instance, Beat Saber works ok, but SteamVR Home and more demanding games like Moss aren't "playable" yet.


Any help would be greatly appreciated ! :-)


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