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HTC Vive: Lighthouse not working properly


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So, in my new HTC Vive, one of the base stations isn't tracking motion, or at least the headset doesn't see it. It does light up green and appears in Bluetooth too, even syncs with the other base but SteamVR only recognizes the other one. I tried them separately in A mode, and indeed, one of them seems broken. Software should be up to date and all leds and lasers seem intact though through a camera. Is this something related to software or hardware and is it under warranty?

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@TheVelo - Testing each station individually in channel A mode is by and far the best way to isolate an issue to a specific station, it's what we would have recommended you try.

Given the context provided here, my best guess is that the station was damaged during shipment/storage. The original base-station firmware didn't contain the error reporting / self-diagnostic tools required for the basestation to report to SteamVR that it's not functioning correctly, my guess is since it's a new kit that the basestation doesn't have the newer firmware images on it.

If it's a new kit, this is definitely covered under warranty. The fastest way to get this fixed is to collect the serial number of of the back of the unit and navigate to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us to be connected to a real-time chat agent. You'll need to request a base-station RMA; they'll authorize the repair return and send you instructions on where to send it.

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