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Vive Base Station 1.0 Internal Problem, Not Tracking (Code 10009)


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One of my base stations currently has a red blinking light and one of the laser emitters (laser0) is not lit up. SteamVR log (vrserver.txt) is full of this message: "lighthouse: Base 5C564AE7 (modelid: 9) transmitting faults +laser0 (00000004)". I have tried power-cycling multiple times but it hasn't helped. The affected base station is not tracking (tested by occluding controller so that the working base station can't see it). Will I need to send the base station in for repairs? It is quite hot where I live, so maybe the base station simply overheated?


I have attached the latest system report.


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@Nytra - Sorry for the slow reply, we're doing lots of backend work to support our new forum system and I'm just now catching up.

It sounds like you've pretty much ID'ed the issue and have even narrowed it down to which laser is non-functional - one of your rotors isn't spinning or that laser source is not working. The unit will definitely need to be repaired or replaced. The fastest way to start a repair ticket with us is to collect the serial number of of the back of the unit and navigate to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us. This will start a chat with a live support agent who can process a repair ticket for you. In most regions, the 1.0 stations carry a 1 year warranty but there will be some variation depending on where you're based.

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@hammer_on_llc - That's not actually a fix unfortunately. It's a huge misconception within the Vive community - you're basically just rolling back the firmware to an earlier version which lacked self-diagnostics. It doesn't actually fix that your station has a mechanical issue - it just prevents the station from self-reporting that it's broken and in many cases it can allow the station to spew out bad tracking data into your environment causing erratic tracking.

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