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Why are V2 trackers so hard to turn on?


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I use trackers V1 and V2 a lot for game development and I develop full body tracking games.

I find the V1 trackers to just work, love them, and I find they turn on easily and stay on too (indefinitely when begin charged which is like common sense).

The V2 trackers however are horrible when it come to turning them on (eg. try reaching around your back to enable a chest tracker) it is very difficult because V2 pucks are designed with a complex (push-and-hold) button interface, but I am unable to see the LED.

I use 10x of the V2 trackers at the same time for motion capture - they are practically impossible to work with compared to V1 trackers.

I understand it's some kind of attempt to save on battery or whatever it may be. But some feedback from one of your customers here, I can honestly say that it's only becoming a huge inconvenience. And I see these annoyance features as only causing frustration against VR in general, not to mention the world of full-body tracking applications.

I really dislike the V2 trackers primarily due to many unnecessary interlocks and/or short sleep timers.

Please fix the V2 trackers firmware!

Please make V2 trackers easier to turn on (eg. exactly the way a V1 trackers was turned on - it was an easy one tap to enable super intuitive interface that any idiot could understand - including full body tracking mocap enthusiasts who use a whole bunch of them)!!!

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