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Controller issue with Oculus quest


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I started using VIU 2 weeks ago for a project I'm working on, and mostly to test it with the Oculus Quest.
At first everything was fine, whether with my project or the VIU example scenes, until I added in my project the possibility to grab objects, then I started having quite a few problems with the controllers;
While until now, I had the right controllers displayed (oculus touch of the rift/quest), since then, it is the controllers of the oculus go that are displayed, and unfortunately, the change is not only aesthetic since there is a kind of mapping of correspondence that is created between the 2 models.
Although I have found how to "force" the rendered model, the binding remains that of the oculus go which is really not practical in my case, and changing it can bit a bit difficult according to the differences of the controllers...
The worst thing is that since then, even when reloading an old backup of the project, one of the example scenes or when starting a new project, it is still the oculus go controllers that are now displayed...

Is there anyone with a suggestion ?



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@JacktownI am aware of the Oculus Quest controller displayed as Oculus Go, but this issue seems to be Oculus runtime issue. After the Oculus runtime is updated one or two weeks ago, the render model is broken. In VIU, we will read the model type, and it keeps getting Oculus Go. Please wait patiently until Oculus fixed the issue. Thanks!

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When they updated the rom to suport  Go they broke all unpublished apps because you now need to add to the Android Manifest:

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.vr.headtracking" android:version="1" android:required="true"/>

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