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Controllers will not connect, all lights are green


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When I first connected everything, it took hours to get the controllers to show.  Eventually they did, not sure why.  Now its back to the way it was where I cant get the controllers to show.  All the lights on the headset, controllers, and light houses are green.  On SteamVR, all icons are green except for the controllers.  Sometimes they are gray, other times they are flashing green, sometimes its one of each.  Ive repaired them a hundred times, restarted SteamVR, the computer, and read every troubleshoot thing I could find but nothing I do will get them to come back online.  Is there something Im missing??


Update: Well, it works now but I have no idea why!  Just like before, things eventually started to work.  Somewhere in between restarting everything, resyncing the controllers, unplugging and repluggin the headset, restarting the computer, etc... they eventually started to work.  Id still like to know why and how to fix this problem next time, because Im sure there will be a next time tonight

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Hello  - I was about to suggest something, glad it's worked for you.


Your 'symptoms' sound a bit varied, but it may be a USB driver issue. I had a non-connecting controller myself this weekend, and what solved it was replacing the USB drivers. Here's the details from SteamVR support:


Uninstall special chipset USB drivers and let stock Windows USB drivers claim the USB port in use.

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Type: device manager
  3. Select 'Device Manager' from Control Panel
  4. Click on the 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' dropdown arrow
  5. Right-click the USB controller you want to check
  6. Select 'Properties'
  7. Under the 'Driver' tab, click 'Driver Details'
  8. If the path shown does not end in 'usbxhci.sys', uninstall the driver and re-install through Device Manager

This worked for me. Let me know if it helps (if it re-occurs of course!).

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