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Android Camera framerate


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I'm testing Hand tracking SDK for android using Unity plugin.

My device is a Samsung S7 with gear VR headset. 

I was wondering if the SDK provides any function to check what framerate is rear camera working at.  There's some lag between head movement and hands tracking and i'm curious about how many FPS is the camera working at. 
Would it be possible to force camera to work at 30 fps or something similar??


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @pcasanova

On Android, hand tracking should be running at 30 fps, including time for waiting new camera frame, calculate hand results, and return results to c# interface.

If "GestureProvider.UpdatedInThisFrame" is true, it means a new frame is calculated. You can record the time of last frame and calculate the FPS.

Even if running at 30 fps, the latency is <33ms. But it might still feel lagging in VR, since the rendering is happening at 60 or more FPS.

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