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Vive_SRWorks.exe crashes


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I downloaded "Sample Build: Experience Demo (Unity Build)" from the "SRWorks SDK" website and ran "Vive_SRWorks.exe", but it crashed. There was no response after a white square appears on a black background.

The attached SRWorks.log was generated after the crash.

I thought it was the same symptom as the following question, so I tried to generate config.json manually, but the symptom was not solved.

I'm running 
- Windows 10 64bit
- GeForce Game Ready Driver 430.39 with RTX 2070
- SteamVR 1.6.10
- SRWorks SDK
- VIVE Pro Eye (Firmware is up to date)


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11 hours ago, Daniel_Y said:

v0.8.0.2 does not support Turing Arch. yet. Refer to this thread, 

Thank you for your support.

I understand that SRWorks SDK v0.8.0.2 does not support RTX 2070 yet.

I look forward to supporting Turing Architecture.


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