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Base Station Planned Obsolesence


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One month out of warranty I got the blinking red light that disables the base station.

I contacted support and they said that it was $90 + shipping to get a repair, so: the same price as a new device.

Is that everyone's experience? Smells like the XBox 360 red-ring all over again

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either its planned obselecense or its poor choice of parts.  They keep saying mechanical.  But hold up your phone to the base station.  It should have lots of lights and two spinning drums with different shapped lights.  If one is out that means either the horizontal or vertical laser diode went out.

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The red light happens, but it's uncommon. I'm not going to directly comment on hardware from other manufacturers, but you can do an internet search and see that situation was quite different.

It's neither. What it is, is that a part that spins 100 times a second and relies on milimeter tracking can be susceptible to damage from external sources or wear and tear. Once it no longer can operate reliably within the parameters of acceptable tracking, the system alerts you that it needs to be repaired.

Thank you,

-Jack S


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