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Looking for advice to a complete newcomer on Drawing 2D Images from a Windows Application to VIVE

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Hello, I'm a C++ developer new to this forum and new to the world of VR in general. 

I'm currently working for a company where we are developing a medical application which is based on gathering Eye tracking data while the subject looks at images and sentences on the screen. These are drawn by the application using a framework for drawing in 2D which is very simple to use. (Qt and the QGraphics Framework, for those that are interested). 

We currently gather eye tracking data using desktop mounted eye trackers that connect to our application in order to send the data. However, I was asked to look into integrating our applicaction with the VIVE Eye Pro Headset. 

In a nutshell what I need to do is:

Draw sentences on a gray background. Adding a red circle at the end of the sentence. 

Draw squares containing rectangles in a gray background. 

This is, of course very simplistic and in 2D. 

I need my application (regular Windows 32 bit application) to remain as is, but to draw these images and sentences in the Headset,  so to speak. The idea would be to then gather the EyeTracking data on where the subject is looking according to our protocols

My first question is if this type of application possible with the VIVE Eye Pro Headset? (Because VIVE Wave seems to be for developing solely for Android). 

My second question, if it is possible, could you point to the documentation that I need to read in order to know how to actually draw images in the Headset? We don't have the Headset yet, and I want to see if I can write some code or something that I can then start testing when the Headset gets here. 

I'm sorry that I need to ask such a basic question, but honestly I need some help getting started and I'm a bit lost. 

Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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Hello @aarelovich -

You're right, WaveSDK is strictly for creating mobile VR experiences. I've moved this thread to the SRAnipal forum which is the SDK to drive the Eye Tracking functionality on the Eye Pro and have tagged a few team members who can comment on your questions ( @Daniel_Y @Cory_HTC).

Per the second question, you're going to need to integrate the OpenVR C++ libraries to create a pipe between your app and SteamVR: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/API-Documentation ; don't do 32x - build in 64x as most modern GPU advancements require 64 bit processing.



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