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WaveSDK 3.0.2 Split stereo mode 'missing from build'?


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When I try to build a Unity app with SDK 3.0.2. with VR mode enabled, it says 'split mode (missing from build)'.

Is that the way it is supposed to be, or could this be an error?

I've made builds comparing the 'VR mode off" variant with the 'split mode' (single pass), and by eyeballing it I could not notice any fps differences. So I'm guessing that the single pass isn't working properly.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


split missing from build.png


@Tony PH Lin

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Hi @pascalvanbeek,


From the message this means Single Pass is not working under your Unity version?

Could we know the Unity version?

From our testing, Single Pass are working on 2018.1 or previous version (like 2017) with our SDK 3.0.2.

Unity changed the behavior after 2018.1, so we support with more Unity version (to 2019) from SDK 3.1.1.


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