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How to change the portal shape to a plane or something rectangular?


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I'm using the beta version. And everything is working fine with my RTX 2080 TI and the newest steamvr and unity 2019.3.0a7. The only problem was openvr. But I unchecked it during the import of the srworks unity plugin, that solved the problem.

Now I want to use the portal to combine vr and the real world, but I want to use a door or a wall with a door as an entrance. Can someone tell me what do I have to change and where?




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Hi @okocha1337,

To replace the shape of the prefab "DefaultPortal" or "PortalWithParticle", the replacement of mesh are required in three places:
(1) in Circle/MeshFilter,
(2) in RealWTrigger/PortalTrigger/MeshCollider,
(3) in VirtualWTrigger/PortalTrigger/MeshCollider.

After that, make sure the colliders (1) cover an area of the portal mesh you would like the portal effect to be effective and (2) have some thickness.


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