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controller trackpad problem


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hi, I'm getting some problem with trackpad, if i click on the trackpad's half bottom part the controller doesn't respond for some second and lose the tracking, then the track position of the fingers on the trackpad doesn't work well until i redo a recalibration of it, it happens only when i click or move the fingers on the trackpad's bottom half (the last one happens rarely, clicking cause always this problem).

list of what i did:

  • Removed driver and reinstalled
  • Reset controller
  • Change usb port from 3.2 to 2.0
  • update firmware (it ask to update it every time i plug in it)

any idea how i can fix this?


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For future reference for anybody who may be reading this, Valve added a controller test feature in ~June 2019 which will allow you to verify what the controller is outputting at the SteamVR/OpenVR level which makes it much more easier to isolate hardware issues.
To access the tool, to go SteamVR -> Devices -> Controller Settings -> Test Controller





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thanks that test i found out the problem is much more strange than i thought ò.ò to make trackpad go crazy is enough a little pressure over it, it starts to lose the finger track and if i click it blocks the controller for some seconds, otherwise if i move the finger without any pressure over it seems work, could be something being pressed inside the trackpad ?

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@Alleluia - It sounds like you've confirmed it's a hardware issue, as Jagibson said above, we would recommend navigating to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us and request a controller repair RMA.

The trackpad on the original Vive wands has a rubber membrane "button" underneath it; based on your description, this membrane may have become unseated and has shifted.



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