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Missing icons in Vive Home


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I have a fairly large Steam Library and I really like Vive Home.  Unfortunately, while Vive Home sees all of my games from Steam, they have no icons!  The only icons shown are the generic placeholder icons.  And since the custom shortcuts I add to my "Home" don't have labels, I can't tell what they are after I've placed them.  Help?  I really like Vive home but it's not usable to me as it is!

ps:  Needs more environments, tho.  It would be nice to tie the environments to the Steam environments that I already have.

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Hi  - to confirm, you're talking about icons in the Vive desktop client?


If so, I know what you mean - you get generic 'OpenVR' icons, correct? I know that's on the development team's list of potential fixes.


Can you expand a bit on 'custom shortcuts'?

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Howdy!  I'm glad that's being worked on, I really like Vive Home.

As to your question about "custom icons".  When you go into Vive Home, you have the ability to add shortcuts from your library to the environment.  I can then alter the icons to resize, reposition, zoom in/out, turn gravity on/off or delete them.  These icons are also the generic openvr icons rather than the game icons.  

Does this help?


For reference;  As far I can tell, the "Vive Desktop Client" is 4 pieces of software: the "cell phone" part, the "Viveport" sales part, the "Vive Home" part and the "Library" part.  My problems are with the icons in the Library and Vive Home parts.

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You have helped me learn something! I am still merely a padawan in the ways of VR... so thanks for educating me on the shortcuts thing. :D


Yeah, um, that's not too useful in current form for Steam applications is it? :) I'd like to think if we fix their display in the desktop client it'd work in Vive Home too... but I'll ask around about that. Unfortunately, no ETA on that.


You've been in the Viveport part of Vive Home, right? You should see icons there for Viveport purchases, but it's not designed to show Steam icons. For that, launch the Steam overlay (press the System button) or use the Steam icon in Vive Home.


I'll pass on your comment re: more environments, AKA 'spaces'!

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How is the progress?

I have the same problem and this issues makes VIVE home useless for me.

Was using it to launch all VR my VR programs, now without icons it's better to use something else.

I like VIVE home and it was the best launcher and it has some nice things to place around, pictures and videos. But please fix it so that I can use it again.


I have noticed something strange. After installation of the program "REVIVE" it shows now the icons of the Oculus Rift games I have in my Steam libary. But only these ones, the other icons from VIVE games are still not there. At least I cannot use it anymore without icons of my VIVE games so that I use Steam now. Few weeks more and I can uninstall it if there is no usefull funktion in it.

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OK, so it seems there is no progress.

This problem keeps unsolved and I (or maybe all, I don't know) don't have Icons for SteamVR Applications in VIVE HOME. But it show's Icons for HTC Applications and REVIVE Oculus Rift Applications. Because of that I did a little search and found the problem, was able to create a Fix that enable the missing Icons again so that it makes fun again using VIVE HOME.


Here is the link to the program I wrote including the Download:

VIVEHIM - VIVE Home Icon Manager [Download and Fixes Missing Icons in VIVE HOME]



And here is the link to the englisch Reddit Thread:



Hope it is also useful for someone else that prefers also VIVE HOME as VR launcher.
Have fun in VR and with VIVE HOME :smileyhappy:



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