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Vive Cosmos - multiplayer in same room?


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Hello everybody,

as we already know, the new Vive Cosmos will be equipped with an inside-out tracking system which will make obsolete the installation of lighthouses. As far as I understand a multiplayer experience within the same room with inside-out tracking  will not be possible because the (0,0,0) position of each headset will be different due to lack of a global tracking system of all present headsets.

Will it be possible to play a multiplayer game where the players are in the same space?



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@Tom17 - Alot more info about Cosmos is inbound within the coming weeks but we've confirmed it's a SteamVR headset which means that it is bound to SteamVR/OpenVR's current tracking implementations. Currently, it's actually really hard to synchronize two base-station tracked HMD sessions to have 1:1 chaperones for the purposes of co-presence VR - it's simply not a well supported feature within SteamVR at this point in time.

The current best practice for LBEs and other developers who require co-presence calibration is to create a calibration process within the application which allows the end-user to calibrate the engine's worldspace coordinates at run-time using a tracked object against a fixed environmental calibration point rather than relying entirely on SteamVR's global coordinate system. SteamVR has implemented a bunch of error correction methodologies within the last year which actually makes a chaperone file dynamic - SteamVR now makes adjustments to the file at run-time without the user being aware of the changes which makes co-presence VR rather tricky (we have a tool for arcades that attempts to restrict these changes). Calibrating at the engine level is simply going to give you the most flexibility - it just is dependent on either the application's developers surfacing these tools or you as a developer implementing a calibration process within your application. Oculus' SDK support for this isn't the best either so doing the calibration at the engine level is a cross-platform best practice.

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