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Android Webview Update


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I do believe this one is correct, however I can't guarantee as I have no prior experience with building the webview, but it seems to be correct.



Had to use google drive, as the attachment limit on this forum was limited.


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@henrikvrtraveler Could you try this method?

I just tried downloading this apk file from here. I don't 100% sure this file is safe!

Then, I just do the following,

adb install -r <apk>

and it is successfully installed, not sure is it because my device is rooted or it actually works for all devices.

But when I tried your apk, it failed with following message.
adb: failed to install SystemWebView.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.android.webview signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!]

We are still trying to sign the apk that you shared.

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Hi, @chengnay!

The reason for this is that Google builds their webview with the package name com.google.android.webview, whilst any custom built ROM or any custom built webview has the package name com.android.webview.

This means you have currently installed two webviews, but the Focus only attempts to use com.android.webview. There is a button in Dev options on the focus to switch which webview you want to use, but this does not work you can't switch it.

Google does this so you can update their webview through play store, whilst any custom built webview won't be affected by googles own updates. It's to allow for custom webviews with custom code to not be removed and replaced with googles updates.

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