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Issues with HTC Cosmos

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I experience heavy issues leading to seriously consider returning the Cosmos headset:

1. Headset "not tracking" on Vive while Steam VR states "tracking" (note: why on earth do I need both Vive and Steam at the same time, oscillating between SteamVR office and the viveport VR…)

2. Launching the Viveport VR end up with the main monitor screening the VR "mirror" display but the headset displaying my room thru the incorporated cams

3. Steam stuff not working (google earth VR, Steam 360 etc.)

4. Some of the Videos in Viveport VR seems to be regular 360 but not 360 + VR (=2D video shown on a 360 screen, no 3D effect)


I receive the Cosmos yesterday. I had the HTC Vive before and was overall happy with it, although I have the feeling developer do their best to confuse VR owner but at least I manage to get VR working (using VorpX to emulate real games mostly, I never understood the enthousiasm for controllers afterwall to play very average games, but enjoyed playing Witcher 3, Bioshock, Soma, etc. in VR).

I went thru the Cosmos set up without any issues and it was working fine it seems until I realize nothing like the HTC vive is working: Steam VR seems to be misfunctioning. Launching the video app "Steam 360", I have a black screen in the headset. Google earth VR is not working etc.

Then, on restart of my computer, the headset was no more "tracking" on Vive, resulting in not displaying in the headset the Viveport in VR. I thus proceeded with reperforming the set up, which led to the headset working again. But on restart of the computer, same issues again, the headset was not displaying the Viveport VR or any VR at all. 

To launch the VIVEPORT VR, I doubled click on the icon VIVEPORT on my desktop then, on top right corner I click on VIVEPORT VR; then the monitor is screening a "mirror view" of what the headset is supposed to display like a mirror, but the headset, although the headset LED has turned green and same for the intermediate interface adapter, isn't displaying anything but my room through the headset cam and showing "the light is too low, a better light will improve the experience" message. Yes, sorry VIVE, to play on my computer at night without nuclear powered lights next to it.

Can you please advise what is wrong with my COSMOS set up ?

Attached is the picture of the weird Steam "headset tracking ok" and VIVE "not tracking".

Thanks for your feedback 

Ryzen 3700x + 2070S + 16Go RAM 4200


Vive do not trak while Steam track...JPG

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Ok so without answer I went the hard way and resetting everything to make it work a day before I restart my computer and Cosmos forget about how to display stuff on the headset again.

And it is not going the right direction.... So most of the must-have game VR are not working with Cosmos, such as Skyrim VR, Google Earth VR, No Man Sky VR, Fallout VR ... So what's the plan ?  Why Cosmos controllers simply not the same as the HTC Vive controllers to enable a smooth transition ? The VR library was already ridiculously small.. But with Cosmos it feels like there isn't any serious game that can be played at all. It feels the same way as when I bought the Super Nintendo bazooka gun when I was 12, a nice accessory but just unexploited.

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Hi I have owned a vive headset in the past and after that I purchased a Samsung odyssey plus, I was so excited to pre order the cosmos and upon receiving it and having so many tracking issues with games which are running fine on Samsung odyssey I am highly disappointed and I am going to return this headset back. All issues reported by mostly everyone were faced by me as well and I kept trying to get the headset working, once I was beyond setup then came tracking issues followed by the warning of low light messages which were not experienced during original vive and Samsung.
HTC do something or you will loose business on this headset.

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So this afternoon, I started my computer, went to Steam, launched Steam VR, and again the headset is not launching Virtual desktop nor Viveport VR. But I discover something funny. If I take the controllers in hand, activate them and on the left one, click on the VIVE icon, the headset is waking up and start displaying finally Virtual desktop. It looks like you cant activate the Cosmos headset with the controllers being inactive. One pb solved it seems. That should have been in BOLD letters in your manual. I don't use controllers usually as I vorpX games and play with keyboard and mouse only. For me, the real deal is to play real games such as FPS with keyboard and mouse with the VR view. Standing up, "play area" where you hit your coach at every move, controllers, Super NES feels like kind of game, is not my stuff. 

Anyway, then the "play" area was moving with me wherever I go, generating fundamental tracking issues. The controller beam not starting at the end of the controller generating it but slightly under etc. I am guessing that this is linked to the light issue now. Why was it so easy on HTC Vive and so difficult on the Cosmos ? I turned all lights on in my apartment and still the headset is stating "room too dark". During the day, it says there is too much light and sometimes I can see both the room and the VR at the same time, sort of translucent room behind the image...

All that was required was a better resolution headset... Why was everything modified from tracking system to controllers.


1.  Can the controllers be configurated to match the HTC VIVE ones to enable playing any regular VR games such as Skyrim VR, Aircar, Fallout IV VR, No man sky VR etc. Right now, I am stuck in all my games almost at intro because the software is expecting HTC Vive controllers and don't understand Cosmos controllers... Is there any chance to have a patch of some sort ?? This is a serious deal breaker.

2. How do you intend to fix the light issue (too dark at night, too bright during the day) ?

3. Bonus one: how to make the play area borders (red grillage) disappear while seating in my chair ? It is destroying every single video or game  views I am watching at (my apartment is not large... so I see the red borders all the time, but who cares, I am in my computer chair)

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@Julien Merienne Thank you for sharing and providing a well-detailed report here. I apologize for the inconvenience these early issues have caused for you. Let me address them head on here in your order:

1. We are working on a couple solutions to address the contents that are currently not supporting Cosmos Controllers. The first one is to be on the lookout for Cosmos controller updates by the content developers in their announcements. For example, SuperhotVR just released their Cosmos support today. The second one is you can check if there are any working custom bindings created by the Steam community to apply: Steam VR > Dashboard  > Devices > Controller Settings > "Content" > Community Binding

2. Yes.  We will continue to push software updates soon to address the issues being reported. Your Vive console will notify you when the update is available. Right now, there is some available through the BETA mode. If you'd like to enable yours to BETA to test out these updates, here are the instructions: https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos/category_howto/joining-the-beta-program.html

3. Let me personally get back to you on this to see if there are specific instructions to adjust your settings through the Vive Lens. In room setup, there is a second option where you don't trace your space - have you tried that?



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Thanks Steve, I appreciate the prompt reply.

I could not find the Steam VR > dashboard … So I clicked on the top left "3 lines" icon and open up, then devices then controllers. a menu dedicated to controllers I didn't know about just popped up. This is uber interesting as I was able there to modify on for example "Versailles VR" the controller to the Cosmos one.

I would have emphasize this in the set up menu. I didn't know you could modify the type of controllers associated to a game like this. I am going to try this. I do realize that for Skyrim VR, Bethesda I guess is supposed to update their game.

VR menu.JPG

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@Julien Merienne

Ops, yes I was referring to the 3 lines as SteamVR dashboard. I'll use that from here on out haha. Wow, nice! I'm surprised you were able to build your own custom bindings already after you just literally discovered it. Yes, essentially you can make your own bindings for most VR games (Bethesda is an exception because they have their own game engine) and then also share it to the community to use as well. 

Here's a well-written article that'll walk you through more in details the process of controller binding (Highly recommend reading): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1545634111



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11 hours ago, Julien Merienne said:

I turned all lights on in my apartment and still the headset is stating "room too dark". During the day, it says there is too much light and sometimes I can see both the room and the VR at the same time, sort of translucent room behind the image...

Could you submit a report through your VIVE Console? This report will your collect your logs and help engineering improve the lighting issues you're experiencing in the next updates. 

Here are the steps to submit a report:
- Under the Settings of VIVE Console, go to “Troubleshooting” and click “REPORT” button. Fill in your email then submit a brief 1-3 sentence description of your issue. Please provide me your Trace No. at the end.





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